HD SDI DVR the new recording solution for HDCCTV

HD SDI DVR s are currently being developed across the world to accommodate the shift towards HDCCTV the technology that uses existing coaxial cable infrastructure to produce true uncompressed HDCCTV images.

The cameras are out there now and most HDCCTV is currently reproduced using a PCI capture card. To truly make the most of this new technology though a stand alone DVR is essential. This will make HDCCTV truly plug and play and UK CCTV installers will be falling over themselves to install HD cameras in place of old analogue CCTV solutions.

So the race is on! Are there any companies who can provide the best HD SDI DVR solution? If you can then integrated CCTV will be happy to test and review this product.

HDCCTV is probably the most exciting thing to happen within the industry since DVRs replaced VCRs so lets get testing these units and see who can come up with the best HD SDI DVR product.


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