FastTrace 2 from Adpro launches at IFSEC 2011

FastTrace 2 from Adpro

Adpro has been the leading name in remote monitoring since the technology actually became commercially viable during the mid to late 90’s.The FastScan and FastView always delivered fantastic picture quality mainly over ISDN telephone lines and pretty much every central station runs Video Central Gold the front end receiving software a central station needs to process the images.

The next logical step for Adpro after the FastScan and FastView was to combine video transmission with high quality digital recording; this product was launched and came to the market place branded as the FastTrace.

A good product but unfortunately at the time a very expensive one. It was still cheaper to buy a FastView or FastScan and put a cheap DVR along side to do all your recording, so the FastTrace struggled in the early years.

Then came broadband and IP cameras, The FastTrace became not only expensive but the cheap DVRs could now do transmission over broadband and this seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for Adpro who watched their market share evaporate from market leader to also ran.

The trail then goes a little cold but Xtralis bought the Adpro product range and over the next few years fought to develop a product that could compete and sell against all the various recording and transmission units that seemed to flood the CCTV monitoring world.

The V3100H was born, a hybrid recorder with high quality transmission over broadband. The product has been a huge success but installers and end users alike are not that familiar with the name.

So add some clever analytics, write some more IP camera protocols into the software so the likes of Samsung and SANYO IP cameras can be integrated. Put some clever alarm programming features in to give installers excellent flexibility and the new Fast Trace 2 is born.

With a name the industry trusts and a high quality, robust product that is able to compete on price, The Fast Trace 2 will be a success and ADPRO is very likely to be the leading name in remote CCTV monitoring once again.


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