Fuel depot security measures……….stop stealing MY Diesel!!

Fuel, especially diesel has become a major target for thieves recently. Ok its always been valuable but the gains are currently outweighing the risks for thieves at this moment in time and there is no shortage of people who are very happy to buy it and turn a blind eye as to where it has come from.

cctv fuel depot

Fuel depots always pose an issue for security installers, this is because intrinsically safe cameras and sensors are often needed to ensure that no sparks can be created in the vicinity of of stored fuel. Obvious really, but very costly. However fuel theft has risen disproportionately recently and security installers  are starting to see business pick up as a result.

An area of particular growth is  is remote CCTV monitoring that is using analytics rather than sensors to generate alarms to the central monitoring station. This option helps reduce the price of an installation because the cameras can be installed in a “safe” position away from the area that will demand intrinsically safe equipment and generate alarms without the need for sensors in the direct proximity of the fuel.

All of a sudden we have a reliable, safe , cheaper option that can directly compete against security guards and serve as a useful management tool at the same time.

One of the biggest problems with fuel theft is that the criminal has no regard for the mess he leaves behind .With plastic tanks it has been known for the perpetrator to simply make a hole in the tank, drain what he can cart away and leave the rest to leak away into the ground. This leaves behind an almighty mess and an environmental disaster not to mention the inconvenience to the company involved and their customers. Metal storage tanks offer little added protection to the determined thief and these two are sometimes damaged beyond repair in order to get the fuel out. There is also an extreme risk he can start a fire and the destruction that goes with this .

cctv analytics

So prevention is better than cure and fuel companies, hauliers and many other businesses that choose to store fuel on their sites are now looking for  a credible solution.So If you are looking to protect and secure you fuel depot then analytics and CCTV is a very affordable and attractive option….certainly better than finding your fuel has been drained away …half left on the floor and no money left to run run your fleet…Don’t wait till it is too late!!


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