The power of Google….or not?

Seems like I have created a bit of an Internet storm….. Quite a few Google searches for ‘who is cctvinsider’… I’m almost flattered

But….who I am, how old I am, male or femal, it’s irrelevant…

cctv insider

I simpy someone who knows and understands our industry and has done so for a long time

My recent post regarding IFSEC was not a rant at IFSEC directly, more a rant at what IFSEC has become

These are tough economic times and whilst I completely believe in free trade, I also believe in looking out for our own….

China is an enormous economy…… I simply do not believe in detrimenting good honest small to medium UK companies for Chinese imports that may or may not be available in 12 months time.

The ASIAN section of IFSEC has grown massively over recent years, and I realise that IFSEC needs exhibitors to finance the show, but at this rate, with more western exhibitors pulling out, then this could end being a show of far eastern manufacturers……

If I am wrong, please respond…..but I bet I’m not the only one who thinks it

Oh, and keep searching for me…….

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