Security Products – stick to what you know or go with change?

Ok, those that read this blog regularly will know I am an Apple Fanboy

iPhone cctv

if it is white or aluminium, I’m going to buy it

Recently, I purchased an Android phone – purely for home/private use and because it was CHEAP – much cheaper than the iPhone that I treasure for Professional/Work use

But with CHEAP comes compromise………sure, it is a great phone, does everything that the iPhone does, but just differently……..everything just takes a little longer whilst I work out how to do it on a different OS/Platform

And the quality ? well, it’s good, but I have been spoilt with the almost space age quality of Apple – it’s almost like the strive to get the best quality components into their products…….and charge accordingly…….and people still buy

So, I got to thinking how similar that is in our industry……..

There are still a lot of people using DVRs from the likes of Dedicated Micros – a hugely successful company that has made great products for many years.

DM is not without it’s critics, but say what you will, their kit is well made, feature rich and, well, er, expensive……….

So many mid range DVRs now compete with DM on cost, performance, reliability etc that it is a surprise why DM has not seen their market diminish……..yet, just like Apple, rather than make their current product cheaper, they make their next product BETTER, and very often MORE expensive!

It’s like BMW…….top of the range models often have LESS comforts and yet cost MORE !!!

Pelco for many years has sold on quality and reliability, rather than join the discount brigade and slash costs on their PTZ Dome products – in keeping their prices at the right point it has allowed them to introduce IP alternatives at the price point they need and want……

So, the question is this………do you stick with what you know and trust (and appreciate) or do you try something different?

Sometimes, it’s just about what does the job the best………. remember the old saying, the sweetness of price is forgotten long after the bitterness of quality!


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