How remote monitored CCTV can save you money

Remote monitored CCTV.

Do you use security guards? Many companies feel they have no alternative. Security guards are an excellent deterrent, they can do other jobs to , secure a premises and respond to all sorts of incidents that may occur on a secure site after hours. There is a drawback though, they cost a lot of money. At £7 per hour upwards its an expensive luxury but of course no site can realistically be left unsecured. So whats the alternative?

monitored CCTV solution

monitored CCTV

Monitored CCTV is something that has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. The arrival of fast reliable broadband means that at a significantly lower cost, monitored CCTV can replace security guards and offer even greater deterrent value. Using strategically placed sensors and fixed beams a quality picture of an intrusion onto a secure site can be seen and acted upon by a remote central station. They are then able to offer a verbal warning or dispatch a key-holder to site to act upon reliable information to stop any losses. We recently talked about the Predator camera from 360 vision that is also able to operate a spot light to follow and deter intruders.Imagine a search light following the intruder around site, operated by a remote CCTV central station ,What deterrent value! Its only the most determined criminal that would hang around and this is the sort of person that could seek to harm a security guard anyway.

predator CCTV camera with a spotlight

Predator Camera

So what does remote CCTV monitoring cost? Well for a closed site (not a garage forecourt) you would probably expect to pay around £3k per annum for anything up to 6 CCTV cameras. To install this type of system is hard to quantify, it is always site specific, but lets say around £20k will cover most scenarios. Work this back and see what a guard costs and lets not forget , will always cost and you can see that within a year or so the CCTV system will pay for itself. Add to this the benefit that it will be able to offer health and safety and site management during the day and pretty soon it becomes clear that monitored CCTV is a pretty good way forward when looking to cut costs and ensure site security. So when you next get your guarding bill through have a think what monitored CCTV might be able to do for you………..its very easy now to see monitored CCTV as the way forward!


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