CCTV site survey

So why is a CCTV site survey so important? Well quite simply its crucial to any successful CCTV installation. We know this, but so many companies think they can save money by going on line and shopping for their CCTV at  Maplins then hiring any old sparky to then put it on the wall. Not in every case but in many, this turns out to be a an expensive mistake.

Cheap CCTV

For instance does the person ordering up his kit on line know before they buy, exactly what view they will get from the camera? How lighting conditions will affect the picture? What sort of recording length and quality will be achieved? By employing a professional company with expertise and knowledge all these questions will be answered prior to the installation. Perhaps one of the most important things though is what sort of quality and longevity will be achieved by a DIY CCTV system?

Most DIY companies fail to really analyze before they plan an installation what they are actually trying to achieve and this is always the key to success. When a CCTV site survey is carried out there is so much to consider. How will the brackets be fixed? Where will the cable be run and will their be any induced interference from machinery?Do you need a day/night camera? What lens size are you going to fit? Does it need to be IP65 rated? How will you access the camera to service it? In fact who will service it when it goes wrong?

So if you are considering a CCTV installation,don’t rush out and buy the cheapest cameras that you can find on the Internet, we know that within a few months you will have a system that is hardly working , if at all and when you really need it,will the DVR actually be recording?? Seen it so many times with CCTV………………….. buy cheap, buy twice!

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