Do you get what YOU want? – Manufacturers and Distributors beware

CCTV smoke and mirrors.

Speak to any CCTV manufacturer and they will always advise you use their product – why? Because they think it is the best…..they have no commercial reason to think otherwise

Speak to a CCTV Distributor, and they will always recommend ‘this weeks flavour’ – often incentivised by the aforementioned Manufacturers….

cctv poor image

So how is the installer and/or end user getting what they want?

megapixel cctv image

It has even started to filter down to the installer – ‘buy this OEM XYZ unit and we will give you an additional 5% retro discount’…….

Quickly we can see that the industry, and what is being installed, is dictated by what is the most flavourable or discountable or most cash returnable

How about being a bit radical – let’s call an amnesty on CCTV bribery – putting it simply, let’s ACTUALLY install the right product for the application


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