Sales Reps – get your act in order

Sales rep works for XYZ company – ‘you don’t want to buy that ABC product, it’s not as good as mine’…………then a couple of months later……’actually, I saw the light, it was better than mine so I joined them’………just how many times can a Sales Rep say that before the customer turns and says ‘are you ever going to stay in one place longer than 5 minutes’

cctv sales

These guys are representatives – employers pay thousands in vehicles, pensions, mobile communications/computers etc to employ these guys to go out and professionally promote their products and grow their business…………whereas these ‘Representatives’ have probably got their eye on the next job that offers the slightly better car allowance/pension/commission/smartphone (delete as appropriate)

A more interesting slant has been the recent rise in the US idea of a ‘Manufacturers Rep’……… a self employed guy, who represents, as an ‘agent’, several non-conflicting manufacturers………of course, the stigma of moving to another ‘manufacturer line’ is lessened because the agent is self employed and therefore simply selecting the best product line or latest tech for his customer base…….

CCTV camera

CCTV camera kit

might stop the ‘oh, who are you working for this week then’ attitude that is sweeping the industry – I’m fed up of LinkedIn constantly updating my contact list

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