DVRs – good value or commodity throw aways?


Ok, so I had an outburst about IFSEC..…. a bit harsh perhaps, but I get annoyed …… particular, the quantity of ‘Number 1 DVR manufacturer’ there are populating our market.

cheap dvr

But, and this is a big but, are we heading towards a scenario whereby the ‘historically’ most expensive part of the CCTV System is now considered as a commodity product? A throw away product?

In the consumer market, flat screen LCD TV’s were over £1000 NOT VERY LONG AGO……….yet now, go to a supermarket and check out a 32 or 37″ Full HD TV……sub £400 !!!!!!

With DVRs regularly priced at under £200 (without detailing quality/spec etc here) that is less than some of the cameras being used on the system!

Mind boggling to think that THE most important part of the system – you know, the bit that will play back the image of the baddie breaking in – is now considered with such little respect as to install the cheapest possible unit that can be found.

Imagine you had a Ferrari, but felt aggrieved at replacing the engine with a Ferrari unit, instead, fit it with a XYZ from the Far East – sure, it will still drive, but for how long? and with what quality? and do you actually care when it is a fraction of the price of the Ferrari?

Personally, I am amazed that SO many people entrust their installed systems on DVRs that quite frankly are here today, gone tomorrow – and leaving the playback availability to a game of chance…….

AND…….end users…… paid for it, USE IT…….because the law according to Murphy says you’ll only know you have a problem when you damn well want to play back an incident!

Cheap DVR’s are they worth it?

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