Radar – ultra intelligent CCTV control from Navtech

Navtech Radar and integrated CCTV

Along with Thermal, there are other technologies that exist to enhance and empower CCTV systems

Radar is one – and, a very innovative UK company, Navtech Radar, have a number of excellent products designed to give CCTV, particularly PTZ CCTV, additional power and efficiency.

With detection of up to 800m and the ability to mount at ground level or several metres in the air, Radar offers the ability to ‘map’ movement of objects and plot the movement on OS map overlays……..at the same time, powerful software allows the tracking co-ordinates to be interpreted by leading PTZ cameras such as Bosch MIC, Ganz AllView and the Predator from 360 Vision.

So why Radar? Well, with perimeter protection of airports and ports/borders so very difficult to implement, Radar can be centrally mounted and offer 360° 800m protection……with multiple ‘nodes’ of Radar being deployed then triangulation of movement, as well as hand over to other cameras is highly possible.

Couple this with long distance Thermal technology, again from the likes of Bosch and 360 Vision, then zero light object movement is not only possible but also highly efficient.

Take a look today at Navtech’s website and maybe check out their cool technology!


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