Megapixel IP cameras

Megapixel IP cameras seem to defy the way we would all tend to think of what a CCTV camera should look like. It can come in the shape of what most would regard as a security type form, it can be a dome .It can be a nanodome.It can be a box or it can look like a flattened pancake!
So why the difference? Well it seems to depend whether the manufacturer comes from an IT background or from the CCTV security industry.Remember we are experiencing a meeting of two huge industries competing for the same market place now we have what most are calling IP CCTV.
The box type solution is definitely associated with the likes of Cisco, an IT giant and one that is now clearly grabbing the opportunity to impact on a multimillion pound market place that sees the megapixel IP camera as the future of CCTV. As an example big manufacturers like Avigilon are producing traditionally shaped IP cameras that are more pleasing on the eye and somewhat more reassuring for the end user that they are getting a real megapixel camera. In the case of Avigilon an incredible 16 megapixels of pure quality IP video.
So when it comes purchasing a Megapixel IP solution there is plenty of choice but i know which one i would choose!


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