CCTV Analytics? check the label !

CCTV analytics………..Ooops, looks like one of the most successful analytic software companies is on the litigation campaign!

Object Video, behind many if not most of the World’s analytic technology, and seen by many as the pioneers of true intelligent Video Analytics, has decided enough is enough and has started proceedings against quite a few Security big boys – namely Bosch, Sony, Samsung and others.

Over recent years, Object Video have appeared to step out of the limelight, but recently, in 2011, it appeared again with a reported $27m investment, surprising as it seemed that OV were on the slide backwards……….then, mysteriously, a new page appeared on their website that listed a new VP of Litigation…..sending rumours around that perhaps the funding was the method to go for some pretty major litigation

What does this mean? well, if it is Patent infringement, then basically OV will go for damages, but this could mean that the big boys are forced to stop selling their analytics until the case is settled……either way…..

Notable exclusions include Axis, Pelco and Cisco – looks like they are either protected by licenced patents or OEM/reseller agreements……..

So, take a look at how important your current analytic solution is and make sure you have a 2nd choice……..just in case!


We would like to thank IP video market for much of the content we were able to use for this article

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