Orange and T-mobile merger is a fail!!!

Firstly i apologise this post is not about CCTV. This is a bit of a rant about the new merger between Orange and T-Mobile. Now i have used Orange for as long as I can remember and i have to say i have always been impressed with the coverage they have on their network. Apart from the odd spot (and you learn where these are over time)  the coverage was always good. This is very important when you do a lot of travelling and need to talk while on the move. I remember that i used to be able to talk to fellow orange users for ages as i drove along without the service dropping out. This meant business was easy to organise and no shouting “are you still there ? can you here me? you’re breaking up !!!!!!!!!!!!! it just did not seem to happen.

mobile phone service

Are we going backwards??

Now however something has changed, trying to make a call on the move is near impossible if you are lucky enough to connect then the service drops out within seconds, it is hopeless. Now I don’t know for sure whether this is because Orange have merged with T-mobile or what …but i never asked for this and i want my “service” back. This maybe a blip, it may be me getting paranoid! Not sure, but something has changed..hey if anyone else out there is experiencing the same thing let us know, we do understand CCTV here but we cant understand this sudden change in our Mobile phone service!!!


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