CCTV Exhibition organisers – sort your act out

CCTV exhibitions UK.

Hundreds of companies, queuing up with trucks to unload, all fighting for grid position 1 so they can get the head start with their pallet trolleys.


Inside the exhibition halls, idiot companies (who are at the front of said grid position/pallet race) block aisles so that the guys behind spend 15 minutes extra rerouting their already precariousy piled high trolleys

Oh, and jobs worth ‘event staff’ – ‘no, you can’t go there, you cant park here, that will be removed unless you move it’

And when your stand is RIGHT next door to one of the numerous doors leading to perfectly placed back entrances with ample room for parking a truck and reducing unloading time by an hour do you think they’ll let you…. No way, road is closed off to vehicles.


Do event organisers have a sick sense of humour? Do they delight in watching a show materialise before their eyes in at least triple the time it needs to?

What THEY don’t know is that security companies weigh lots of things up before deciding to return……and if visitor count is down then logistics of setting up and breaking down scores pretty high in the minds of a disgruntled company when deciding whether to return or not!

CCTV shows

So, event organisers, take note, it’s all about the logistics…..

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