ONVIF compliant Products and companies

ONVIF compliant products.


ONVIF recently held its latest developer meeting at Canon’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Engineers gathered from all over the world and represented a total of 26 companies. Their mission was to test and confirm the interoperability of each of their CCTV and IP systems with the ONVIF specifications agreed at earlier confrences. As we know the aim of ONVIF’s is to ensure that end-users can select from ONVIF compatable suppliers with varients of different products and integrate them together seamlessly onto their networks.

Over 300 hours of testing during the two and half days saw 19 IP cameras and 13 video management systems put through their paces. The results were exceedingly encouraging and is further proof that ONVIF compliancy is the way forward for manufacturers in order to ensure their place amongst the elite. It is another step towards the ONVIF specification being the CCTV industry chosen method of standardization.

Below we list those companies who have adopted the ONVIF standard for ease of use when selecting products to integrate together when designing an IP CCTV system.

What does the standard do?

Well essentially it looks at the network interface , specifically the network layer and looks to ensure all products conform in the following areas:

Real time viewing

Device discovery

Device management

Media config

Event handling

PTZ control


Video analytics

IP configuration

Future proof.

The standard allows flexibility and does not prevent innovation and of course should a manufacturer who uses ONVIF compliant equipment go out of business then there are plenty of others there to pick up the pieces and most importantly the end user is not left with a system no one else can integrate IP CCTV equipment into.


The first product that conformed to ONVIF was released in August 2009 and by the time IFSEC 2010 arrives there will be over 70 products from 10 manufactures to check out.

Three founder members Bosch AXIS  Sony

The 3 founder members were Bosch AXIS and Sony since then more have joined including:





March Networks



Texas Instruments

Hik Vison



There are many others now contributing to this standard.

So onwards and upwards for ONVIF but would CCTV insider agree?




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