Integrated CCTV systems

Integrated CCTV systems are becoming more and more widespread as industry realize the major benefits integration can bring. Security systems are becoming more sophisticated and IP security solutions means integration between all the different disciplines is inevitable.

Emizon TCD

In the past we have been used to seeing access control on one platform, CCTV on another and intruder alarms have been governed by strict European regulation meaning IP has been slow to penetrate this market place.

However Emizon broke the mould with their IP communicator and Siemens are set to launch the new Intrunet SPC 4000, SPC5000 and SPC6000 intruder panels that will form the basis of their building technologies platform that will see Sipass access control and the SPC range integrating with Siemens current CCTV range of cameras to allow a true building management system. IP based and simple.

Paxton Net2 controller

Access control from Paxton and biometric solutions such iEVO fingerprint readers have also been integrated through IP and now mean that what used to be a slow process to open a door has now become fast and efficient bringing biometrics back to the forefront of building management systems.

Sistore MX hybrid DVR

Hybrid CCTV

With many manufacturers pinning their hopes on integrated security solutions we will see many more products and much more competition in the market place. So it seems the opportunities are now endless IP has bought integration to a point where many security solutions are now seamless even when different manufacturers are involved …the future is bright it seems!!

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