Video management systems (VMS) CCTV sotware solutions

Video management systems are a high performance CCTV recording interface that runs on enterprise standard servers and enables organizations to run medium to large scale CCTV systems using either IP or analogue CCTV cameras.

The streaming of high quality images at a high frame rate from large numbers of cameras means that CCTV systems can be expanded beyond the normal 16 cameras  that are commonplace in security systems today.

Video management systems take CCTV to a new level of performance, IP cameras are the way forward and this platform ensures that 1000s of cameras can be integrated into one all encompassing solution.

Most of the big IP camera manufacturers now have a video management software suite within their range. In order To enable analogue cameras to be integrated into the Video Management Systems (VMS), edge device encoders are used to convert analogue CCTV to IP this means that hybrid CCTV is now a common solution and an effective bridge to full IP CCTV which is inevitably the future.

For more information on some of the video management systems out there click here for more detail.

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