FLIR thermal CCTV cameras.New version now available

FLIR thermal CCTV cameras

Thermal CCTV imaging cameras as we have mentioned before on this site are the next generation of security and surveillance applications.

FLIR Systems are launching a new version of thermal CCTV imaging cameras.

Despite the success of the old SR-Series the new camera FLIR claim is even better although they still look the same from the outside, all SR-Series come with a new thermal imaging core that will allow the end user to view even farther distances than before. This means that users can now detect targets at greater distance for the same price. Sounds like a good deal to us!

The SR-Series are using the most advanced thermal imaging technology available on the market today. The FLIR thermal CCTV camera is capable of producing crisp 320 x 240 pixels thermal images.

In the new thermal CCTV camera more pixels allow the user to see more detail and to detect smaller objects than before. Remember of course with thermal CCTV the camera provides high quality thermal imaging in any night- or daytime environmental conditions.

FLIR have produced the camera with several different lens options as follows:

– SR-124: 9 mm lens – Field of view: 24° (H) x 20° (V)

– SR-117: 13 mm lens – Field of view: 17° (H) x 14° (V)

– SR-112: 19 mm lens – Field of view: 12° (H) x 10° (V)

Or with the larger imaging cell

– SR-348: 9 mm lens – Field of view: 48° (H) x 39° (V) – SR-334: 13 mm lens – Field of view: 34° (H) x 28° (V)

– SR-324: 19 mm lens – Field of view: 24° (H) x 19° (V)

– SR-313: 35 mm lens – Field of view: 13° (H) x 10° (V)

– SR-309: 50 mm lens – Field of view: 9° (H) x 7° (V)

– SR-304: 100 mm lens – Field of view: 4.6° (H) x 3.7° (V)

The range of the FLIR thermal CCTV cameras is astonishing with the right lens in place of course the camera can detect a man sized object at a range of up to 2 KM this gives the camera enormous potential in a market place that is looking for quality and costs savings. Imagine how many analogue cam areas it would take to cove a similar distance?

About thermal imaging

Also we need to think about the other benefits of thermal CCTV camera remember thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, so fog dust and even water is no barrier when an image is required. In contrast with other technologies, such as light amplification, thermal imaging needs no light to produce an image on which the smallest of details can be seen. It can see in total darkness, in the darkest of nights, in the far distance, and is able to detect anyone hiding in the shadows. It is has many uses including security and surveillance, maritime, automotive, fire fighting and many other applications.

So FLIR thermal CCTV are no appearing in day to day scenarios , no longer are these cameras beyond the budget of a normal business its not just the military and police that can afford them. We will be keeping our eye on the progress of this camera but consider that sales will be strong.

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