Arecont AV8365DN panoramic camera

Arecont extends panoramic range.

Arecont Vision have a new range of cameras. The 8 megapixel new generation SurroundVideo is a series of high definition cameras that can provide both 180 and 360 degree views from a static camera.

Arecont AV8365DN

Aimed at market looking to replace PTZ cameras the AV8185DN and AV8365 DN are IP66 rated. The polycarbonate dome eliminates the need for an external housing. Each housing contains four 2 megapixel sensors that are day/night enabled.

Using a clever two axis gimble each camera can be adjusted to give the optimum view and simple to align for easy set up.

The AV8365DN is able to provide 22 frames per second giving a total image of 6400 x 1200 pixels.

Arecont have looked for a niche here in order to replace the ever increasing numbers of PTZ cameras that have seen price drops recently making them ever more of a competitive option. By integrating 4 cameras into 1 housing and supplying high quality images this megapixel IP camera will attract some considerable interest.

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