Honeywell HREP DVR range

Honeywell HREP range.

Honeywell has introduced the new HREP DVR series to its selection of CCTV products.

The HREP DVRS are embedded digital recorders and are economically priced in order to compete against the influx into the UK of cheap highly functional DVRs from the far east.

Classed as an entry level device the Honeywell HREP can be accessed via a web browser and uses H.264 video compression for easy fluid remote access.

Simple installation and set up via a USB mouse means the unit is childs play to navigate and requires the minimum of training to familiarize yourself with the functions available. This reduces time on site for installers and service engineers alike.

With no software to install and remote access via the web browser, Honeywell hope the HREP range will be a big hit with installers and customers in both domestic and business scenarios.

A bold move from Honeywell? well we will just have to wait and see.

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