DVR apps for CCTV but is it all Apple dominance?

Interesting fact – 93% of all tablet sales in 2010 were iPad

and the latest Windows Mobile Phone 7 update has had to be withdrawn due to crashing some handsets

Seems like Apple is marching onwards and upwards, the new iPad 2 is rumoured for March 2 release and the iPhone 5 scheduled for sometime Summer 2011………

CCTV iphone

We reported on the acceleration and importance of Apple recently and we also heard that companies such as 360 Vision are already rolling out actual Mac versions of their DVR software…..

And don’t dismiss Android………Google is stomping along like a proverbial PacMan, eating up the remnants of Nokia’s Symbian platform(Nokia now putting Symbian to grass and adopting Windows – that might be a mistake!) and also taking a slice of Apple’s market as well !!!

Keep an eye out this year for DVR apps for Blackberry, iPhone and Android – mobile access has never been easier!

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