Megapixel IP cameras and Emmerdale Farm????

Megapixel IP cameras show what they can do.

Dont worry Iam not going completely scatty and i need to make it absolutely clear I am not a soap fan!!. My family however are addicts and I get sadly exposed to snippets of Emmerdale, Coronation Street , Eastenders and so on a more than palatable daily basis. This blog though is not about soaps but an observation about a recent scene played out in an Emmerdale episode this week.

It  was based around CCTV footage of a guy leaving a shop, well the comments from one of the cast was that how was anyone going to recognise the face of the guy leaving the shop. Well  the guy who was playing with what we know now must have been some kind of VMS software cropped the image and zoomed in on the suspects face. Bingo a crystal clear image of the perpetrator .

What does this tell us though? It is the first instance I have seen on TV of Megapixel IP cameras in action and lets be honest its exactly what the CCTV industry has craved for for years. So slowly but surely the public will realize that megapixel IP cameras and VMS software is the way we have to go. Once this realization dawns upon  business traders then analogue CCTV will start to be replaced. So as we have said on this site many times before , we love megapixel IP cameras which to be fair is more than i can say for Emmerdale Farm!


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