External security systems.Perimeter protection

External security has been on the rise for the last 25 years. A discipline that was previously only seen in high security and military installations is now common place. Used in garages, compounds, garden centres, quarries and so on,everyone wants to know before an intruder can do any damage.

So what is the best detection device? Well, a mixture of different technologies can work. PIRs external fixed beams and cameras using enhanced analytics to name a few. Geoquip guard wire and other external listening devices are also effective against the intruders.

Thermal Metal Mickey

Metal MIC

We however believe that the ultimate solution is now becoming an affordable option .Thermal CCTV is pretty much full proof technology one that gives an image that can be used day and night even in total darkness. It cant be defeated by fog and intelligent analytics integrated with the thermal CCTV camera mean nothing is missed.

Cost of course is a factor but one thermal camera can realistically see up to 750 metres meaning it far out performs even the best active beams on the market and the installation time and cabling costs are drastically reduced.

Thermal CCTV will become as common as PIRs are today over the next ten to fifteen years and as the prices become more affordable it will change the way we install external security and protect our perimeters.

The poor old intruder has finally met his match.

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