Hybrid CCTV starts the green shoots of recovery.

Hybrid CCTV.

CCTV suppliers, manufacturers and installers have endured a barren couple of years. We have seen many good companies go to the wall and some bad ones as well. Add to this the strain that wholesalers have suffered, lots of them have been taken for tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds as their customers (the installers) go bust.

Sistore MX hybrid DVR

Hybrid CCTV

Its also the end user that has suffered. Pressured into taking the cheapest quote due to the economic climate they have seen CCTV systems installed to poor standards and then find that within a few months the installer has gone to the wall leaving them with a very unpleasant legacy and few choices but to find another installer to take on the servicing of the security equipment.

This year however we hope to see a change for the better and a situation that will benefit all. We are at a cross roads for the industry and everyone is wondering how the next two to three years will develop. Analogue CCTV systems are still by far the dominant surveillance system out there but IP CCTV is making a relentless march and inevitably this type of system will takeover. However we believe it going to be Hybrid CCTV that is going to dominate proceedings now and in the short to medium term. CCTV manufacturers are also finding that the shift away from analogue is taking much longer than expected and are seriously having to re-think their strategies.

The thing is Hybrid CCTV solutions offer end users the flexibility they need. Many want to move to IP CCTV but have little or no budget to do so. However the thought of HD and megapixel IP cameras is whetting their appetite for change and Hybrid CCTV solutions mean they can combine the best of both worlds.

We predict that some very big players will start to produce 32 way units that will accommodate a 16/16 split to enable them to start selling their HD cameras, slowly at first but once the benefits are realized by the end user we expect upgrades to start taking off.

So there is hope, the weak have failed and the natural process that is the survival of the fittest has left the CCTV industry in good shape and ready to fight off competition from IT integrators. So with good installers and great new technology we are sure that Hybrid CCTV will help to fuel a strong recovery over the next 5 years.

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