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Over recent months, we have thoroughly enjoyed detailing our thoughts and reviews on all the great (and not so great!) aspects of our industry!

So, we have decided to change the format a little with our blogs – a little bit of something for everyone!

We will still have our regular reviews and news mainly from our own Blogadmin, and also the opinions and musings of Tom, but we are pleased to announce the arrival of another blogger to our site – well, we would like to announce it but he/she won’t let us!

You see, imagine a Banksy or Stig of the blog world – all we know is that this blogger wants to drop in titbits of inside news or gossip, maybe the odd contentious comment or thread to bring a little extra spice to our site! And, if you disagree, then make sure you drop a comment back!!!!

CCTVinsider (their choice not ours, in fact we even had to give them log in rights to choose the password!) has requested that they may appear now and again – so make sure to subscribe for regular blog updates. We are assured that he/she is a leading authority within the CCTV industry.

And…don’t forget the comments and retweets – they mean a lot to us!

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