CCTV BLOGS from the last year.

CCTV Blogs  from the integrated CCTV team.……. Well its been a good year for innovation and advancement in the world of CCTV and here at Integrated CCTV we have been lucky enough to be able to tell you all about it. From advanced analytics to Thermal CCTV cameras we have covered it all here.

So for those who have missed some of our best CCTV blogs of 2010-2011 then here are some of the CCTV reviews for you to look back on.

Thermal CCTV is going to get big here……………..we review why and who the main players are in the thermal market

Thermal CCTV… here for more info

Thermal CCTV

Thermal CCTV is here

The iPhone has single handed changed the way we can view CCTV images remotely but what has been remarkable is how sales have increased purely down to…… The iPhone factor

iPhone is selling CCTV …see how

Dahua iPhoneGetting some of the top companies to talk with us was important last year and they don’t come much bigger than Avigilon. Rick Ramsey granted us an interview and gave us some great facts about how he saw the future of HD cameras, IP cameras, Megapixel IP cameras and CCTV in general.

Avigilon CCTV blog

Avigilon Camera HD Pro

Avigilon CCTV

Metal MIC V the Predator…….Nothing better than a clash between two great rivals and the 360 vision technology Predator and the Bosch MIC are two excellent cameras. But how do the compare? We carried out a review of both cameras in our epic CCTV blog Metal Mickey V Predator.

Bosch V 360 vision.

Thermal Metal Mickey

Metal MIC

And its great rival…but which came out on top?

Thermal CCTV cameras

Predator Camera

It has also proved a difficult year for the CCTV industry and we were able to blog about why the CCTV industry is being squeezed at the moment. Some interesting points in this blog, but what do you think have things changed so greatly and will the the CCTV industry fight back to recovery?

CCTV gets Squeezed from all angles….but see why……..

CCTV industry

2010 was the year we saw Panasonic launch its iPro range and one of the big success stories was the WJ-NV200 NVR recorder. Since its launch the fantastic features it has built in has seen it shoot to the top of its class…….take a look and see what you think.

Panasonic WJ-NV200

panasonic WJ-NV200


So just a few of the CCTV blogs from our site from last year. Use the search bar to look for other products not listed here or feel to contact us if you would like to find out more………….

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