Infiniti Integrated PTZ camera.Dedicated Micros Thermal CCTV solution.

The Infiniti integrated PTZ camera is Dedicated Micros answer to thermal CCTV. They have gone for a fully functional Integrated solution using a day/night CCTV camera and a thermal imaging unit together in the same housing. By combining the two different technologies Dedicated Micros Infiniti has an answer to all lighting conditions, in theory you will never be without a picture or thermal images to work with . Great for high security situations.

The Infiniti also comes in both analogue and IP versions and is housed in a IP66 enclosure. A sun shield and  integrated washer and wiper ensure that the lens is well protected against the elements. The Infiniti also has simultaneous streams from both of the integrated cameras and the thermal imaging unit has an exceptional range of 900M. Brilliant for scenarios where an early warning of movement is required.

We recently told you of how we believe Thermal imaging will start to be used more and more in the mainstream CCTV market and now with the Bosch Metal Mickey and 360 vision’s thermal predator. The competition is starting to hot up. Flir also are trying to reduce their prices in order to compete with these new kids on the block. The only negative comments we have heard is aesthetically, the Infiniti does not really match the some of its closest rivals…as i was told..comparing the the camera with its closest rivals is a little like comparing Cheryl Cole and Susan Boyle………not quite sure what they meant by that ……………….

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