Analogue CCTV cameras, still alive and kicking

Analogue CCTV cameras have kind of received some bad press recently. We have been guided by the big manufacturers over the last year or two and have been led to believe that analogue CCTV is a dead technology. Well it seems that the good old analogue CCTV cameras and DVRs are still very much alive and kicking. Why is this? Well its really all down to price. Analogue CCTV systems have remained stubbornly cheap in comparison to IP cameras recording onto an NVR. Of course we all know the benefits of IP surveillance systems.The clearer images, the ease of installation, dual streaming and so forth. However it appears that price is currently the overall driving factor and with DVR and analogue camera solutions from the Asian market becoming ever cheaper but including more features and functionality, IP camera solutions are making little headway at present.
This is outlined when you get the likes of March networks bringing out a New DVR to replace there 4000 series with a projected life span of 5 years this takes us up to 2016!! Something I doubt they anticipated having to do some 3 or 4 years ago. Panasonic released their iPro range in anticipation of exponential growth into IP video solutions but as we see below they are still pushing analogue products and we think this will continue now for at least another year.

Panasonic Analogue CCTV cameras and DVR solutions include the following but what sort of prices would you be expecting to be paying?


WJ-HL204 250GB DVR from £450
WV-CP290 Fixed Camera from £90
WV-CP280 Camera Bundle from £140
WV-CF284 Static Dome from £90

Panasonic WJ-HL204 DVR with 250GB on board storage is a 4-channel recorder with H.264 compression for all cameras. With the ability to add 3 drives that takes the unit up 3TB it would seem to offer all the the end user needs at present at a fraction of the cost of an IP solution.


So what about the analogue camera solutions , well with High sensitivity and high resolution.


The new Panasonic WV-CP290 CCTV Camera combines the very best features you would expect from Panasonic at the very best price. In addition fixed dome camera are always popular and the WV-CF284 is compact in design and boasts a varifocal lens, and easy mount brackets.

So as we can see lots of analogue CCTV cameras and DVR  products out there from the big name manufacturers. One day it will be…. but analogue CCTV is not dead just yet!

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