Dahua DVR and camera range.

Dahua logoDahua are a progressive manufacturer who have captivated the CCTV market
place across Asia and are making steady inroads into both the European
and American market. Over the next few months we will be reviewing Dahua
CCTV products and how the company as a whole is progressing.
Today we look at how Dahua have introduced the new SD6681-HN 1.3
megapixel PTZ dome camera.


This IP PTZ dome camera boast many features
including the Sony CCD chip that allows quality images and progressive
scan. A powerful 18:1 optical zoom lens gives the unit the ability to
cover large areas but still give the end user the quality images that
they require.

As with all domes the ability to be able to operate in areas of low light
is essential and the Dahua IP PTZ dome camera comes equipped with a
day/night auto iris and auto focus lens that ensures the end user will
be able to gain quality images in difficult lighting situations. Dahua
appreciate that high speed panning means alarms can be seen quickly and
the SD6681-HN has a pan speed of up to 400 degrees per second and
endless pan rotation. IP PTZ domes need redundancy when it comes to
recording and an on board hot swappable SD card gives this Dahua camera
32 gig of on board memory should the primary recording solution fail.
Complete with a built in web-server remote access to the camera means
servicing is easy and firmware upgrades can be carried out without
inconvenience to the customer. In addition Access from the web is simple.

Dahua iPhone
So Dahua is a product we should be keeping an eye on in the future but
the SD6681-HN is here right now …check out the Dahua website today.

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