CCTV industry- the life of a CCTV Manufacturer

Within the CCTV industry sometimes things do not go to plan………. Manufacturers make great kit with all the best intentions but when it gets into the field something goes wrong…..

The kit falls over or doesn’t perform as it should. End user understandably are annoyed that their expensive system is failing – often right after being installed. Installers are annoyed because not only is there the cost to revisit site but also the delay of other orders/installations as they try to fix the faulty systems.

Some from within the CCTV industry simply deny the fault, some simply issue more of the same kit and the problem simply snowballs as we see from the image CCTV cameras can be incredibly difficult to access.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a supplier will be straight, candid and honest – detailing the fault, when it is likely to happen, what can be done to fix it (even temporarily) and more importantly, work with the installer and end user to resolve it from happening again……….sometimes, we even hear of suppliers funding the cost of hire equipment and man power to support the installer…..

So, perhaps honesty really is the best policy – it breeds loyalty that remains long after the initial annoyance at the problem.

We welcome that in the CCTV industry

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