iPhone is STILL selling CCTV – Part 2 !

CCTV integrated with iPhone, as we reported back in December 2010 was starting to be extremely instrumental in the close of a CCTV order.

It seems that momentum has not let up!

CCTV iphone

Talking to a leading Manufacturer, sales of their DVR systems have leapt up by 25% – JUST BECAUSE OF THE THEIR IPHONE APP !!!!

Discussing further, it appears that installer/integrator sales guys, armed with their iPhones/iPods/iPads, are visiting customers and just at the point of discussing the recording solution, whipping out their iDevice (!!) and showing the end user cameras being viewed live and even moving PTZ Dome cameras using the iDevice’s touchscreen capabilities……..of course, the end user, probably armed with his/her own iDevice, can instantly see the benefit of being able to view live footage on what is ostensibly a consumer product range that pretty much everyone owns these days!!!

But 25% increase??!! that’s crazy yet quite exciting……it means that CCTV is starting to be viewed with more interest by the consumer…….rather than just a business tool that sadly is often considered a necessary evil, customers can now sit in the comfort of their home, make a connection to site, analyse what they are viewing and make informed decisions on their application…..

And it doesn’t stop at iDevices…….BlackBerries have apps too to do the same thing……..

As Apple continues their World Take Over Dominance (!) then it looks like forward thinking manufacturers are using this widely used and available consumer product to push themselves in front of more and more customers!

And….we like that!

What do you think?

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