Video management software the battle has begun – Price War

Video management software, we guessed it would happen – for IP to really take off, prices have to fall, certainly to a comparable level of analogue, before mass acceptance can take place

We learned recently that Milestone, long the main pioneers of video management software, have halved the cost of their entry level VMS……and at the same time, released a completely brand new version for absolutely FREE !


We like free… stands for FREEdom to try, use, decide……and Milestone have been an established brand in this market arena for some time

So what has this done for the price range for VMS systems pricing?

Well, beginning of 2010 average camera price per licence was around £70-100 – this latest buzz by Milestone changes that to a price range of FREE to around £30……if you are selling video management software… that will help gain traction!!

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