Videcon VXH264 DVR

VXH 264 videconVidecon VXH264

The Videcon concept pro DVR series comes in 4,8, and 16 way versions. A
quick glance shows that it includes the following features as standard.

1) H.264 compression is a powerful compression engine that allows
anything up to 30% more footage to be stored on the DVR compared to

2) As you would expect the VXH264 comes in 3 versions. 4,8,16 ways and Videcon
have made sure the new DVR will integrate seamlessly with other products
in Concept Pro range.

3) For enhanced on- screen operation and ease of use , the CCTV software
interface has a colour coded GUI. In addition to this the operator is able to use
a 24 hour single channel overview in the form of a panoramic search. This helps drill down an event into 3 hour periods and makes finding information very much easier.

4) To ensure a rapid response to events as they happen Videcon have
included an instant playback feature.Very handy if the operator has just witnessed an event and wishes to review it immediately.

5) 2 forms of remote connection are also available either through your
PC using an on screen web browser or alternatively from your smart
phone or iPhone. Apps are simple to download and very easy to use. This is something that we believe is always going to help sales.

6) Remote monitoring is possible using the VXH264-4 VX264-8 and the
VX264-16 .Each unit can connect to any professional monitoring station
that employees IMMIX software as its front end alarm handling software.
By using broadband as your primary path to the central station it is
quick cheap. The line can be monitored securely using Emizon giving you an
excellent overall package. With remote monitoring giving an on going
annual revenue stream it makes sense to push this option to end users.

videcon VXH DVR

In addition to the above the DVRs run a watchdog that will monitor the
health of the hard drive and log any faults that may be occurring. This
enables action to be taken before any footage is lost. We find the major
gripe customers have is when they need footage only to find that the
hard drive has failed. The Smart system check functions within the
VXH264 come in very handy in terms of preventing this.

Active audit trails; multiple archiving facilities and reserve data
management all help to sell this product on
merit. Add to this a smart search facility and a 3 year warranty and you
have a very tidy package here from a forward thinking company.

For more information on the concept pro VXH264 range.

Telephone: +44(0)1924 528000

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