Panasonic HD NVR

Panasonic have now made their leading edge NVR, the WJ-NV200, available
to buy through Norbain. Part of the iPro range the HD NVR boasts a host
of advanced features.

panasonic WJ-NV200These include the ability to record up to 30 IPS
across all the 16 channels in a multi format. The NVR recorder also
supports a full HD video output through an HDMI port allowing all images
to be displayed in HD. The quality is exceptional.

As we have mentioned here before at integrated CCTV the intelligent
facial recognition feature is the big selling point of the WJ-NV200
working in conjunction with the latest smart HD iPro cameras, multiple
face matching can be achieved. These HD CCTV images are matched with a
stored database in order to trigger alarms open doors or welcome
recognised customers, the possibilities in fact are endless.

Search facilities integrated into this HD NVR include an easy to use time line or alternatively you
can use the quick search calendar.

Leading the way as always the WJ-NV200 is what Panasonic hope to be one
of their big sellers during 2011. As HD recording and displayed images
comes of age we can expect Panasonic to be at the forefront of this.

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