fingerprint scanner from ievo

ievo biometric fingerprint entry readers have been developed over a number of years into the  product we see today.

ievo have designed their fingerprint readers to fit seamlessly into existing card and fob systems making use of the original manufacturers controllers.The fingerprint scanners are able to use the wiegand inputs to send data and information to the existing controllers in the form of IP/data. The fingerprint scanner easily replaces existing card or fob readers thus making the entry point infinitely more secure. The clever design gives installers of access control the opportunity to revisit existing clients and  offer an excellent alternative to traditional methods of secure entry in the form of biometrics.

10 best features of the ievo biometric fingerprint entry scanner.

1) Great aesthetics.

2) Vandal resistant.

3) Reliable.

4) Surface or flush mounted.

5) Comes in various colours to suit the environment.

6) Reads whatever the weather.

7) User friendly.

8 ) Integrates into 3rd party access control systems.

9) IP 65 rated and talks via IP.

10) Paxton compatible.

Great video from the ievo boys, really liked the demonstration where it actually reads under water. Lets be honest water, rain and fingerprint scanners do not normally go together…………well here is the exception to the rule!!

Ring them on +44(0)8456436632

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