CCTV Remote Monitoring – is the Security Guard awake?!

It seems to me that the good old Security Guard gets a raw deal…….often depicted as typically old(er), maybe semi-retired…….. even more of a raw deal is that he (or she!) is normally suspected of putting their feet up, watching a crackly old portable TV, sipping a cuppa, in fact, anything other than keeping an eye on the site they are meant to be watching!

Now, before we get complaints from hard working effective Security Guards, that is not our opinion!!!

But…..nonetheless, the Security Guard can be perhaps a second option to today’s advanced technological security systems…..

monitored CCTV solution

monitored CCTV

let’s take CCTV…….. with modern DVR’s, connecting alarm devices is easy……. and once connected and armed, they can used to trigger a connection to a 24/7 monitoring centre, anywhere on the planet, equipped with dedicated viewing staff that will ascertain the problem and alert the required person/authority……

The Security Guard can also do the same thing, but are they potentially in personal danger if they approached the intruder? Are they simply going to do the same as the Monitoring Centre and call the nearest person/authority? If so, perhaps it is safer, quicker and cheaper to employ the services of a dedicated Monitoring Centre instead?

And, as more and more end user sites become automated with barriers/gates etc, clever modern DVR’s also have the ability to trigger relay outputs so as to remotely allow speech, gates/barriers etc to be controlled…..

We are not advocating the end of Security Guards – this country has enough unemployed as it is – but we DO advocate safety and efficiency using the technology that is available to us……

So have a think, could your system be better utilised with a Monitored Centre?

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