CCTV Predictions for the coming year?

Well, here are our predictions, maybe not in 2011, but perhaps in the next few years?

In a prophetic, Nostradamus style,what is going to be the next big thing in our CCTV Industry?

  • 3D CCTV – 3D might have the ability to increase resolutions on SD (Standard Definition) images, plus offer enhancement for Video Analytics
  • Enhanced Video Analytics – in line with heightened Terrorism alerts, analytics will play a greater part in many CCTV specifications
  • DVRs with solid state HDD’s – as prices for Solid State Drives reduce, increased use in our industry will happen – greater life, reliability and speed
  • HD PTZ Domes – don’t write off the PTZ yet !! Sure, PIXC Megapixels offer superb resolution, but PTZ capture so much more!
  • HD over analogue cabling – what? yes, I know, is that a step back? well, no, it might be a way to smooth the path to quicker/greater acceptance – the ability to use existing cable infrastructures to transmit HD CCTV images
  • Cameras with larger on board storage – IP Cameras with flash storage or in built, ruggedised HDDs to store images at the head – take the strain away from the Network, particularly as more systems go HD
  • More off site recording – as ADSL/Broadband connections get better, expect more and more off site recording solutions to pop up – companies specialising in off site storage

these are just a few of our ideas………….some come from rumours, some come from our imagination, but we wouldnt be surprised if a few of these don’t appear in the market very soon!!

Tell us your predictions for 2011 and beyond!

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