SYAC integrated security


SYAC is a technology company who have made extensive advancement over the last few years in the fields of CCTV, Access control, Fire and intruder alarms.

Originally founded in 1988 Syac developed DIGIeye and concentrates its projects and products to fit into the ever expanding field of security integration. By positioning themselves as a one stop shop for security and fire they now have a name that is known world wide.

There mission statement is simple and clear, they wish to be able to provide their customers with everything they need regarding electronic security . At the same time they take full responsibility for the total integrity of the systems they provide.

Syac’s propriety software has the ability to allow customers to truly integrate security systems together composed of several different interoperable subsystems.

Syac have of over 90+ employees and have a truly worldwide presence which gives them many different areas of experience to draw from. Fostering creativity and innovation as a core belief means that Syac have achieved commendable growth  and success since their inception.

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