HRDP DVR from Honeywell

The HRDP (DVR) is the new offering from Honeywell video that  uses H.264 video compression. The unit is being marketed boasting plenty of high end features that Honeywell hope will set it apart from other DVRs currently out there and they have pitched the unit at a very economical price in order to attract as much interest as possible.

With remote viewing from the comfort of your PC it is easy to record and save video evidence as well as download video onto CD or DVD and if you require, a portable memory stick. In order to save disk space the HRDP can be configured to to record motion detection at high quality at a rate of 200 IPS.

Remote viewing is achieved either using a PC or a web browser and privileges can be set up to ensure information can only be accessed by those with the correct authority.

Honeywell are aiming the HRDP DVR at a wide variety of clients mainly small to medium sized businesses such as retail, educational facilities and warehouse applications. With management able to view the images and recording from any remote location this helps to sell the concept to hard pressed mangers and directors who need to keep a close eye on their business operations. The search feature helps track down events that need reviewing.

The HRDP DVR is available in 4,8,or 16 way and has 4 audio inputs as well. A triplex operation means that no recording is lost even when the customer is retrieving video through the built in DVD burner and 2 USB ports. Mouse operation makes it easy to navigate the menu and PTZ control over the cameras is done through a number of default protocols that are contained within the unit.

Working on an embedded linux platform ensures stability and security and with the S.M.A.R.T self diagnoses the HRDP is continuously monitoring and reporting any discrepancies or faults that may occur meaning peace of mind for the end user.

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