Honeywell and SureView unite

SureView and Honeywell unite.

Honeywell are actively encouraging collaboration within the security industry as part of its drive to promote the Honeywell open technology alliance. The latest company to come on board is SureView the company behind Immix the central station management software.

The alliance suits both parties and the integration between Immix and WIN-PAK CS 4.1 means integrated access control now has an added level of security and allows other manufacturers equipment to be displayed to the operator through a single graphical interface. This means a response and full management of a an access control system is handled in just one location thus eliminating the need for an on-site guard with all the saving that this can bring.

The whole concept gives companies like SureView the opportunity  to offer their customers more choice when designing there security systems and to ensure integration between different products is made simple. In essence the software captures alerts and alarms from the on-site access control and seamlessly matches this to CCTV images from the cameras on site.

Any integration between access control and CCTV is welcomed and is certainly the way forward for the industry.

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