CCTV installations in Winter!

The recent cold snap just once again highlighted how much we struggle in the UK to cope with a bit of snow! (Ok, quite a lot of snow if you are based up North!)

But how far reaching is the problem?

Well, we spoke recently to a UK CCTV manufacturer that had extended it’s usually short supply lead times….when asked why there were several reasons:-

  • orders had increased and head count needed to be added (good to hear that companies are starting to see the other side of the recession)
  • weather

weather??!!! this is not British Rail ‘leaves on the line’ is it?!

Basically, this UK CCTV manufacturer uses good quality, UK sourced components………… unfortunately, the component supplier was either struggling to get staff in to manufacture the components, or struggling to get them out of their factory and onto the courier companies ready to transport to the manufacturer due to the snow laden and impassable roads!

Coming out of a recession is hard enough, but having to delay installations is difficult – but spare a thought for the suppliers/manufacturers as they cope with an upsurge in orders but also unexpected weather hurdles!

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