iPhone sells CCTV

40K CCTV system.

I Recently spoke to sales guy who had a fantastic result in selling a £40 k CCTV system to one of his existing clients based up in London. He retold me the storey of how he had managed to upgrade a customer who’s system was actually less than 3 years old! Quite an achievement in this day of austerity and generally making do when it comes to CCTV and security.

A unique selling point.

His main objective of course was to offer the customer something new, something he had not seen before and try to convince him to part with his money. He had two major aces up his sleeve. He knew his customer was a gadget man. He also knew that his customer was extremely intelligent and was nobody’s fool when he was purchasing any kind of product. He started by talking about the benefits of IR dome cameras specifically Black hawk domes. If you have ever done a dem with this unit at night you will know that the product sells itself. This is down to the picture quality and the stunning difference between a grainy integrated colour picture and the clarity of a mono picture enhanced with IR. To say he was impressed was an understatement. He wanted them and was now only interested in how much this was going to cost him. Well this is where my acquaintance found himself up against it.


Although the benefits were obvious , justifying ripping out cameras that were less than 3 years old was difficult. It was now he played his trump card. He offered the customer the ability to connect to these new cameras using just his iPhone and App he would let him have if he agreed to the upgrade. He knew the DVR was capable of this and the app had just become available. Well the guy could not sign up quick enough, this was the clincher, the deal sealer and my friend could not have been happier.

iPhone sells CCTV.

So what does this tell us about the iPhone  and the remote connection app. It would seem to us that if you buy a DVR you would be well advised to ensure it is iPhone compatible but more than this, it tells us that gadgets sell CCTV and we see this happening more and more. Searches on this site are often looking for CCTV iPhone apps as this form of remote connection goes from a popular feature to what some may now consider essential. We love the iPhone!

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