VCL dome replacement price

The VCL dome camera was unquestionably the number 1 fully functional PTZ dome camera sold during the late 90’s and throughout the early part of this decade.VCL built an unenviable record for innovation and reliability. The orb 5, orb 6 and orb gold were sold extensively in the UK however world wide sales were impressive. At the height of the of VCL’s dome domination they were shipping over 1200 per month. This attracted some big players and the company was finally sold to Honeywell in 2004. Honeywell continued production of the Orb gold under the Honeywell camera brand name before finally phasing it out around 4 years ago. Honeywell continued with repairs of the VCL dome until finally ending this 3 years ago. Since this there has been limited options for installers and end-users when their VCL/Honeywell dome camera goes faulty.

Purchase a new dome inner for a cost effective solution to your VCL/Honeywell dome camera problems.

Common faults include.

1) Camera out of focus: this is caused by the lens motor inside the camera module failing.

2 No control over camera: this can be caused by several things but top of the list is a snapped/broken bayonet or the main PCB inside dome head is not communicating with the matrix.

3) Camera resting on the dome acrylic: This is defiantly caused by the bayonet snapping/breaking.

4) Intermittent picture/control: The slip rings have worn out.

5) Can’t tilt camera up or down: The tilt motor has gone faulty.

6) Can’t move the camera from side to side: The pan motor has gone faulty.

7) Picture has gone white or black: The camera module lens is faulty.

Of course there are other reasons that it may seem the camera is faulty i.e. the coax is down or there is no power to the camera, the maxcom matrix may be faulty or of course the keyboard may have issues. These problems are however rare and in the majority of cases the dome camera inner is at fault.

The most cost effective solution with all the above cameras is to replace the inner, these are hard to come by and will be old and subject to the same issues highlighted above. If access to the camera is via cherry picker then as an installer you will know what costly business it is to mess about with an old dome inner trying to get a repair that is often costly and ineffective. So, is there an alternative?


Well yes, we are now able to provide a dome inner that has been specifically modified to fit into a VCL/Honeywell housing. The inner is designed and manufactured by a highly reputable dome manufacturer and incorporates all the features of the VCL dome and more. The best part for all involved is that it has been designed to work with the maxcom matrix and handset meaning all controls can remain in situ. We provide a 12 month guarantee and the inner can be purchased for often less than a full repair and service on an old unit. We offer discount for bulk purchases from abroad.

If you would like to purchase the 360/24v dome inner then buy here.

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