Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV

Dedicated Micros IP CCTV solution.

Dedicated Micros are currently launching their new IPTV concept to the CCTV community with a series of roadshows across the UK. Their ground breaking solution called Closed IPTV is designed to make an IP video system safe and secure as well as simplistic to configure.

Individual port configuration.

In essence, each individual network port has its own IP connection and firewall thus making the possibility of of interference from an outside source impossible. It also means that IP networking knowledge need only be very limited in order to set a system up as zero config technology means all IP addresses are consigned automatically.This will eliminate worries from end users of outsiders hacking into sensitive company networks and will make IT departments warm to the idea of IPTV on their ICT systems.

IPTV seminars.

The courses are to be run throughout December and it is move by Dedicated Micros to find a way into the IP CCTV market place through the use of patent pending technology that has so far not been used by others.

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