Pelco Spectra HD series dome.

Pelco HD dome

Pelco have released their new Spectra HD Series dome and its one worth looking at. The new spectra HD dome is capable of delivering crystal clear pictures through a standard web browser via live streaming. With an aspect ratio of either 16:9 or 4:3 and 1280 x 960 it offers 360 degrees continuous pan at up to 400 degrees per second. Auto flip provides an added benefit.

Better resolution.

With better resolution than standard domes, the higher definition allows the cameras to be deployed in order to capture number plates, faces and even perfect detail within a casino type scenario. Ease of installation is assisted by POE as you would expect and additional features include auto tracking, privacy zones, adaptive motion detection and onscreen configuration.The camera also has the functionality to include 255 presets and 16 programmable preset tours.

VMS  CCTV software

The Pelco HD dome will interface with Digital Sentry VMS and this CCTV software allows video management solutions that are second to none in the IP CCTV market place.
Spectra HD  comes in several formats including ceiling mount, pendant and environmental models.


Available from Norbain, Pelco have designed a dome that can fit into pretty much any environment you require and the Pelco name will ensure strong sales.

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