Two types of service engineer

It has long been debated!!! Who is the most hard working ? The early starter ? or the late finisher? …Well lets break it down and find the answer. The early starter is obviously keen. They have to be! No one in their right mind gets out of a warm bed and makes their way to work early …do they?……….. Well yes! They are the people who hate being late. The very thought of missing the 8:00 am deadline to be into the car park and through the corporate door fills them with horror !!!..

The service engineer who is a late starter however is really quite different. A late starter is the one who has the brains and always has a reason as to why they are not at their workplace on time. To be fair the excuses are always brilliant.”I had to take my daughter to school” or “my car needed to go in for a service” are frequently heard excuses of the the late starter.

Tragically, the early starter is incapable of of making this kind of excuse!!! That is because he /she has booked their vehicle into the garage in their own time or of course made arrangements for their friends or family to look after the kids so they wont be late.

So you would have thought the late starter would be lambasted and derided by their employer…………………….well no!!………you see the late starter is often the last out the office,,,unorganised and slow at processing their work, they have to stay late to get to get even the their minimum amount of work commitments completed……… but their is a bonus….they seem to get noticed….always  last out the carpark…… or hard at work on their PC…………what rubbish!! They are just slow and incapable of sorting their work out within their allotted time!  So why are employers so blind to all this? Perhaps they have forgotten how to use their CCTV systems?and in reality it suits them. Who has ever seen their boss in the workplace before 9?  It always seems that he who works late is infinitely better than the engineer who is willing to haul himself/herself out of bed at a ridiculous hour to ensure he/she is where he/she says he/she will be at exactly the right time………. Now i’am still confused by all this!! It seems the early starter must be held in higher esteem and be  more well respected by his/her employer….surely………

Sadly the answer is NO……those service engineers who start late always get to work just before their boss and coincidentally always leave JUST after their boss , giving the impression they are hard working committed employees and with that comes promotion and cudos…………so is lying in bed good for your career prospects?…………it would seem so ……….yes!

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