March Networks enter the Hybrid arena

Not content with offering IP VMS solutions, March Networks announce the imminent arrival of their Hybrid 7532 DVR

Ok, so this isn’t new territory being trodden here – but, this unit comes from the March Canadian stable of High End DVR solutions – products that for years have been trusted by the North American Retail and Financial sectors in their thousands.

Offering up to 32 IP inputs or a blend of 16 IP and 16 regular analogue (or analog for our North American friends!), this integrates seamlessly with the VMS and Sitemanager platforms.

Who will use it? Well, consider this – if you have a legacy analogue system, you can either upgrade to IP cameras and forget your current kit (expensive) or you can add IP Encoders to each analogue camera to IP enable it (cheaper, but depends on how many analogue cameras you have) or you can use a Hybrid system – simply plug in existing analogue cameras, add new IP cameras if expanding, and replace broken analogue cameras in the future with IP !! Simples!!

Looks another good unit from the well known March Networks brand!

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