Xtralis, Adpro V3100H CCTV monitoring solution

Xtralis V3100H.

Formerly Adpro, Xtralis have produced a new hybrid DVR that also excels when it comes to remote monitoring,
The V3100 is a hybrid unit that can handle both analogue and IP cameras. The Ip camera range they will integrate with is limited but Panasonic are keen to join forces with Xtralis and this will open up the market place considerably for them.

Save money.

With companies looking to save cost wherever possible the remote monitoring solution is meaning that expensive security guards can be replaced and alarms monitored and actioned by a central station. The V3100 comes in modular form so you are able to buy the solution that suits the site and this is easily expandable should requirements change.

Remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring is the way forward and with the V3100H providing excellent picture quality,  it is the central stations who have provided very positive feedback on the product.
If you are considering a remote monitoring solution that also requires a DVR that can supply excellent picture quality and search facilities then contact us for more information regarding this product.

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