CCTV Users, get the right kit!

Does anyone else think that maybe there is a disparity in our industry?

Does a manufacturer make CCTV kit based on what they think the end user wants?

Does the installer install the CCTV kit based on what they think the end user wants?

Does the end user buy the CCTV kit based on what they are told they want?

Potentially, this means somewhere down the supply line, someone might be dissatisfied?

There is an increasing potential need for all 3 in the supply chain to come together – put the end user, manufacturer and installer together……discuss the end user issues and goals, discuss the kit’s capabilities, discuss the installation considerations….

not only would the system be EXACTLY as described (at least 2 other witnesses!) but maybe it would breed a new element of loyalty……….it could save the end user having to chop and change installer whenever a service level dropped…..or replace kit that didn’t provide what was required….because all 3 parties would have a direct dialogue to each other……

In this day and age of economic unrest, loyalty and service, along with maximising expenditure, is absolutely key in our industry….. it can be the difference between ‘making do’ with ageing systems or ‘upgrading’ to the latest technologies………

We have seen of late a few proactive installers shun the industry norm of keeping their end user customers secret – instead, bringing in their trusted manufacturing suppliers to be a part of the triumvirate partnership…..actively involved in the development of systems and roll outs……and those manufacturers feel more obliged to develop new systems, tweak new software, add new features, because they are actively involved and can see first hand what the end user wants and needs – in a real world scenario and not in a nice, clean sterile manufacturing environment….

So Installers and End Users, unite with the Manufacturers…… might find the benefits are long lasting and profitable !


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